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Terms and conditions

Article 4- Terms and conditions
All natural and legal persons can become members of this trade union if they have the following conditions:
1- Citizenship of Iran.
2- Establishment (real or legal) in the geographical field of union activity
3 - Activity in the profession / industry of polymer machinery, production of polymer equipment including injection molding machines, extruders, blow molding machines, air molding machines and other heat generating machines, other machines and molding machines Forming and structure by other methods, polymer accessories including: cylinder and Mardon, materials, gas, mixer, mill, mill, robot, controller, etc. in the geographical area of ​​the union by preparing identification documents and valid licenses such as: operating license Permitted from authorized authorities or a valid trade license related to the subject of the association from the union (union) A machine and Flztrash).
4- Submitting valid documents based on being an employer in accordance with the labor law and having a valid and up-to-date insurance list.
5- Accepting and committing to the implementation of the provisions of this statute and the legal approvals of the members of the trade union.
6- Payment of entrance fee and membership fee regularly.
7- Manufacturing and production of at least five polymer machines or equipment related to the polymer industry, which includes pre-processing or post-processing.
8- Making at least 60% of polymer machinery or equipment in Iran.
Note 1- All eligible candidates can freely accept the membership of the association and no one can be forced to join the trade union association or be barred from accepting its membership.
Note 2: In case of accepting new members and also complaining to the applicants that they do not accept membership (due to the degree of fulfillment of conditions) or suspension of membership, the Board of Directors is obliged to put the issue on the agenda in the first meeting of the General Assembly. The context is definite.
Note 3: If any of the members loses the conditions of membership in the trade union, he will be recognized as a member of the trade union and will be informed of the matter by the officials of the trade union, but he is obliged to fulfill his previous obligations. In general assemblies, he or she will not be able to vote or run for office and use the Association's services.
Note 4: Regarding the review of the application for membership in the association, the committee called “Truth Finder Committee” consisting of five members of the association is formed and the committee considers that the applicant for membership in the association has the conditions for membership in the association. The members of the committee and the approval of the board of directors can be done.
Article 5: Cases of suspension or deprivation of membership in the trade union association:
1- Failure to pay the membership fee determined in time according to Article 8 of this statute.
2- Failure to comply with the provisions of this statute and the legal approvals of each of the pillars of the association.
3- Loss of the membership conditions mentioned in Article 4 of this statute.
4- Definitive votes issued by the judicial authorities of the country based on the deprivation of social rights.
5- Lack of employment in the relevant job.

(Required documents: Copy of the latest insurance list - Copy of national card - Copy of business card if you have - Copy of official and legal license from the competent authorities - Fill in the membership form, pay the entrance fee of the association in the amount of 500/000 Tomans)
Annual membership fee 2,000,000 Tomans
Account number 8801372603
Card number 6104-3374-4583-1801
Union of Manufacturers and Manufacturers of Polymer Equipment
The payment slip should be sent to the association

Please send the scan to the email or WhatsApp of the forum after completing the documents

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